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Falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging…

At Quality First Home Care, our Home Health services team provides fall risk reduction education and techniques to help patients manage their risks of falling at home.

A recent CDC article, Preventing Falls: How to develop community-based fall prevention programs for older adults shared, “Falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging, but falls do occur more often among older adults because fall risk factors increase with age and are usually associated with health and aging conditions.”

These risk factors include:

Biological risk factors

  • Mobility problems due to muscle weakness or balance problems

  • Chronic health conditions, such as arthritis and stroke

  • Vision changes and vision loss

  • Loss of sensation in feet

Behavioral risk factors

  • Inactivity

  • Medication side effects and/or interactions

  • Alcohol use

Environmental risk factors

  • Home and environmental hazards (clutter, poor lighting, etc.)

  • Incorrect size, type, or use of assistive devices (walkers, canes, crutches, etc.)

  • Poorly designed spaces

Quality First Home Care has tools for fall prevention management to assist and support physicians/caregivers in the management and treatment of high risk fall patients. Fall prevention management focuses on individualized strategies to improve the overall safety and mobility of the patient.


Treatment involves education, monitoring, and self-care at home with the support of the interdisciplinary home health team.

Equipment may include:

  • Assistive ambulation devices (walker, wheelchair, cane, etc.)

  • Ramps

  • Grab bars

  • Railings

  • High-visibility tape over transitional surfaces, such as stairs

The benefits of our fall prevention program can improve quality of life, reducing frequent emergency room visits, reduce repeated hospital admissions, and help to inform the patient and family of proper fall prevention safety.

Visit our Services page to find out more about home health and how we can help you Enhance your quality of life with personalized care at home.

Quality First Home Care is a Medicare-certified and state-licensed home health agency. Locally owned and operated, we proudly support the communities in which we serve.

Exceptional patient care is our goal. Active listening and clear communication with our patients make them feel empowered to make informed decisions about their health care. We strive to maintain a culture of excellence for our patients, caregivers, physicians, and other providers. Our focus on quality, safety, advocacy, and service enables us to actively demonstrate our mission each day.

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