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Home Health and Heart Month

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Heart month falls in February with all of the Valentine’s Day treats. Don’t let the pressure to get the perfect gift raise your blood pressure! One holiday in February involves sweets and treats while the other recognizes healthy habits to prevent heart disease.

Heart Failure is a condition resulting from the heart’s inability to pump enough blood throughout the body. Treatment involves monitoring and self-care at home. Diet, exercise, and medication are the keys to success.

Home health cares for many patients facing heart disease and heart failure. We have unique expertise to train, support, and help you manage your heart disease at home and keep you from going to the hospital with complications. We work closely with your doctor to create a plan of care to help you self-manage at home.

Our nurses have been trained in the signs and symptoms of heart failure disease processes and exacerbations. They will teach you about the disease process, and when to contact us in order to provide the best possible in-home care possible.

What better way to show someone you love them this HEART month than offer life-giving advice on heart health? Share this article with someone you love and visit for more information about how Quality First Home Care helps you stay healthy at home.

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