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Managing the COPD Disease Process at Home

COPD is a chronic, progressive lung disease that makes breathing difficult. Although it is not curable, it is treatable, and steps can be taken to prevent more damage and maximize the function that remains.

Monitoring and self-care at home involve understanding the disease process and how COPD can be managed. Diet, medication, and compensation techniques are keys to success. The goal of treating COPD is to prevent more damage and maximize lung function. Identifying the signs and symptoms will help you take action and address concerns before there is an urgent need for urgent care or hospitalization.

A common problem for COPD patients is often pneumonia. When COPD patients do get pneumonia, one of their biggest challenges is weakness. Home Health can help these patients transition home and gain the strength they need to become independent.

Our team of licensed healthcare professionals encourages patients and caregivers to actively participate in the management and prevention of an exacerbation of COPD. Our goal is to help people with COPD take charge of their breathing, maintain control of their lives, and reduce hospitalizations.

The program will incorporate the following (but not limited to):

· Medication Management

· Patient & Caregiver Education on the Disease Process

· Diet Instruction

· Breathing Techniques

· Exercise Plan O2 Therapy –Management / Education / Pulse Oximeter

Our team also uses a COPD zone tool to help identify when to call our team or when your symptoms are an emergency. This tool can help to catch symptoms before they become more serious and hopefully prevent you from the need for urgent care or a hospital stay.

The Quality First Home Care team has developed a program designed to help patients coping with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease reach their optimal level of health at home. Home health care allows you to manage your care at home. Our team works with your physician to develop a personalized plan that addresses your healthcare needs and helps you meet your goals. We can help you regain your prior level of function, maintain your independence, and improve your overall quality of life. Call our office today or check out our services page for more detailed information on how home care can help.

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