Our goal is to remain personal throughout all aspects of patient care.  We understand the importance of relationship to our patients, their loved ones, our caregivers and our healthcare providers as well.  Robert Wofford and Jeff Jennings, our founders, have over 65 years of combined experience within the home care industry.  Their vision and leadership enable our employees to fulfill our mission …to CARE with SKILL AND COMPASSION

Our Vision

Exceptional patient care is our goal. Active listening and clear communication with our patients make them feel empowered to make informed decisions about their health care.  We strive to maintain a culture of excellence for our patients, caregivers, physicians and other providers.  Our focus on quality, safety, advocacy, and service enables us to actively demonstrate our mission each day.



Culture of


Focus on



Patient Care

Our Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to our patients

    To ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients as they recover from illness, injury or surgery at home, we deliver care that is highly skilled, individualized and based on a physician-approved plan of care.

  • Commitment to our caregivers

    To respect and support our caregivers as their knowledge and expertise are essential to the provision of quality care. We foster an atmosphere where professional growth is encouraged, relationships are developed and purpose is shared.

  • Commitment to our organization

    To maintain the highest standard of ethics as we conduct all aspects of our business, we lead this organization according to our mission and purpose, while also ensuring strict compliance with all applicable standards, rules, and regulations.    

  • Commitment to the communities in which we serve

    To exemplify our mission statement in all aspects of service and involvement, we seek to enhance our relationships in the communities we serve while strengthening our ability to provide effective home health care.

How Can Quality First Home Care Help You?